Ghofi wishes to ensure, maintain and protect the high quality of services it provides its customers and so applies from the 1st January 2020 a Fair Usage Policy, for all its Services and offers which involve unlimited use, as well as in any other situation where this is deemed necessary.

What is Ghofi Fair Usage Policy?

  • Ghofi Fair Usage Policy (“FUP”) is applicable to residential customers only and is intended to ensure that as you share common infrastructure and network resources, you will not have unfair disruption of access to our fixed broadband internet (“Services”). Internet Services refer to access to the world wide web, i.e. the use of browser-based internet services, from a handheld mobile device, such as a smartphone, a feature phone, a tablet computer or a dongle, which are connected to our network. The FUP does not apply to commercial plans or business use of our network. We manage our shared network resources to determine excessive, unreasonable, or fraudulent use which may impact the reliable operation of our network and/or the quality of our Services.
  • You have an obligation to use our services for private, personal, and legitimate consumer purposes only. Your use of our services should not exceed that reasonably expected of a reasonable person using them for these purposes. Failure to adhere to the policy may mean a loss of, or restriction to your service.
  • The FUP (where applicable) defines and determines the permitted levels of use in effect for Services provided by the Company. In applying the Fair Usage Policy, prohibited practices are limited and/or deterred for Subscribers who either resell the Company’s Services intended for personal use or permit their communal use with the intent for profit and/or the use of Services in such a way as to create issues or obstacles to the offering of Services, including the level of service quality, provided to other Ghofi Subscribers.
  • For Fixed Broadband Access, a maximum data volume per month is determined. In instances wherethe defined volume is exceeded, access to the Service will be possible without additional charges, however Ghofi reserves the right to limit access speed to the 10% of the advertised speed for the remainder of the month. Any speed restriction may be applied in instances where either the download or upload volume has been exceeded.
  • Fair Usage for fixed broadband Access:
    Service Plan Data Volume
    GHOFI HOME Download 300GB, Upload 150GB
    GHOFI HOME PRO Download 500GB, Upload 250GB
    GHOFI HOME ULTRA Download 500GB, Upload 250GB
    GHOFI EXTREME Download 500GB, Upload 250GB